Mt. Airy Casino And Resort To Partner With BetStars To Bring Sports Betting App To PA

  • The Stars Group will bring its online sports betting app to PA.
  • Mt. Airy does not have a big enough reputation to launch its own betting app, so it will use BetStars instead.
  • Mt. Airy’s sports betting application is expected to be approved mid-May 2019.

With a large portion of the countries technology and services centered around convenience for the consumer, online sports betting apps are no exception. For Pennsylvania, a state with legal sports betting, online betting apps are the next step in ease of access for bettors in the area. Mt. Airy Casino Resort is hopping on the wagon by partnering with BetStars to offer online sports betting to the area through the BetStars app.

Mt. Airy Casino Resort is partnering with the Stars Group the parent company of PokerStars and BetStars, to use the BetStars app to provide online sports betting. The Casino Resort does not have enough of a reputation on their own, so they are using another company to help reach more bettors through online wagering.

Mt. Airy Casino Resort waited for a few months before applying for their license for sports betting in Pennsylvania in late March. The sports betting license is expected to be approved at the PA gaming control board meeting in mid-May of this year.

While there are plenty of other sports books in the Pennsylvania area that have applied for sports betting license for a sports gambling app, Mt. Airy will be among them soon enough. There are currently no online sports betting apps (aside from the offshore online ones) that are readily available in the state, but these apps are expected to launch sometime in April.

Mt. Airy’s betting app partnership may be a little late to the party by potentially coming in mid-May, but the casino resort will still take part in upcoming online sports betting app frenzy that will provide bettors with ease of access and more flexibility when betting. For avid visitors of the Mt. Airy Casino Resort, mid-May can’t come soon enough.

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