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The Pittsburgh Steelers are the crowning jewel of the AFC in the NFL. Founded in 1933, they are the oldest professional football franchise. One of the oldest and best legal sports betting sites is SportsBetting. Their name really does say it all. The Steelers are famous for their talents at busting heads, winning 6 Super Bowl titles, and hosting more conference championship games than any other NFL team in the nation. It is not hard to see why they are such a beloved fan favorite. Pennsylvania bettors love SportsBetting, because they have all the best odds for NFL, and college ball games and teams.

Sports fans in Pennsylvania love football that is without question, but hockey is another major favorite among Pennsylvanians. Hockey has been thriving in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania for over a century. Andrew McSwigan in the late 1800’s constructed the hockey legacy that would be inherited by the Penguins. You can find all the current betting lines and money lines for hockey at SportsBetting. With this site, you will not be left out in the cold this season. You can get action on the NBA’s Philadelphia 76ers, MLB’s Phillies or Pittsburgh’s Pirates, and even the Philadelphia’s Union Soccer team. Whatever your favorite sport is, sports betting in Pennsylvania has never been easier than with SportsBetting.

I want to make sure that new players, or people new to sports betting in general have all the important information to safely, and legally wager. In a survey completed in Pennsylvania, novice and experienced bettors were asked what tips, advice, and legal info they thought was important for anyone considering wagering for the first time. Therefore, below I will outline those important questions, and answer them. I hope will give you clarity and take away any anxiety you may have when you decide to join SportsBetting.

Is It Legal To Bet At A Sports Betting Site In Pennsylvania?

SportsBetting.agSportsBetting has been legally operating in Pennsylvania since 1991. Now, there is a law that affects some aspects of sports betting. To clarify, this law is only in violation when it is committed by a site based inside of the US. SportsBetting is not in the US, it is in Panama City, the Republic of Panama. This means that this particular law can only be violated on US soil as the Republic of Panama is out of its jurisdiction. Pennsylvania players can wager all they like on this site and not worry about persecution or being in violation of any laws.

To further illuminate things, I will highlight the aforementioned law and the original purpose it had. Sports betting in the United States has a sordid history. In the 1960’s, degenerates and sleazy mobsters muddied the sports betting waters with corruption and violence. To curb this new trend, officials and government agencies pushed back by passing the Wire Act. This Act made it a violation to send money or gambling information on a telephone or wire communication among states. This Act was very successful at the height of this dilemma, but soon it was changed to the point that it was no longer recognizable. Some Politicians have made it their endeavor to breathe life back into the Wire Act with this new bill called the Restoration of America’s Wire Act. This new bill has thus far been unsuccessful, and only time will tell if anything will come of it.

Is It Safe For Pennsylvania Residents To Use SportsBetting?

As I stated above in the “is it legal” section, this site has been around a long time. SportsBetting is a safe and legitimate sports wager site in Pennsylvania. The Republic of Panama has their own government agencies that oversee the site, just like our equivalent of the better business bureau. They also have international gambling commissions that come and inspect the site and its security practices. Respected and held in high esteem by members, SportsBetting has the reputation to back up these claims and more importantly to back you up. This site accepts everyone in Pennsylvania, and the rest of the country. The only legal requirement that you have to abide by is the age limit. In Pennsylvania, the legal betting age for players is 21. To use SportsBetting, players have to be 18+.

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Will My Money Be Safe At SportsBetting?

Yes, when Pennsylvania residents make a deposit, or receive a payout through/with SportsBetting it is safe. This site is regulated by international entities, and is accredited and licensed in the Republic of Panama. SportsBetting only permits top-of-the-line industrial security software, and firewall protection. This is to guarantee that private member information is secure to the highest caliber. When residents deposit with this site, they are making an investment. Just like with stockbrokers, they take risks. More often than not, they pay off. This is case with SportsBetting; you are making a small investment that can literally make you rich one bet at a time. You could waste your money at a land-based casino where “the House always wins,” or you can make a legitimate investment with SportsBetting from the comfort of home.

Do you want to know more about the investments you can make with SportsBetting? When new players sign up, they have to make a small deposit in order to start wagering. The most prominent method for deposits is with a credit card. This site accepts most major credit cards. You can expect that your transaction will go through within seconds using this method. There is a required $50 minimum when you use a credit card. Depending on which credit card Company is your provider the maximum amount you can deposit varies between $1000 and $3500. The fee for each transaction when using your credit card is 6.5%. SportsBetting provides a list of other deposit methods that are just as reliable and safe as credit cards. For the full list visit SportsBetting and click on the cashier’s page.

Once you start winning, (which have no doubts, will happen) you can request one of the many withdrawal, or payout methods that this site has provided. Person-to-person payouts tend to be the preferred option with Pennsylvania sports bettors. All you have to do is request a payout through the cashier’s page. Cashier associates will provide you with a reference number, you can then use this number at an online retailer, or through your locate retailer. This payout option can take as little as 12 hours, but not exceeding 36 hours. The minimum amount that you are required to withdrawal using this option is $50 and the maximum amount you can take out is $600. Fees with this option can be between $26 and $101 depending on the amount that you withdrawal. The cashier’s page is loaded with other payout options that you can choose from, so pick the one you are most comfortable with at SportsBetting.

Has Anyone in Pennsylvania Been Arrested For Using SportsBetting?

Pennsylvania residents looking to place bets with SportsBetting do not need to be worry about getting into trouble for using this site. In addition, no, Pennsylvania has no arrest records for anyone that chose to wager on this sportsbook. Sports betting is banned in the US because of the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act. However, there are a few states that are not included in this ban, and many believe it is discriminatory on behalf of officials to let some states dictate their own sport betting laws, while denying the rest the same curtesy.

What Are The Features Offered On SportsBetting?

SportsBetting’s exceptional mobile betting app will have you making bets everywhere, because you can. This feature requires no download and is free to use once you are a member. To get started just go to and stare in awe at the extraordinary and seemly limitless betting lines and wagering slips. Check on all the best teams, and explore all the leagues. Mobile betting is updated all the time, so you will not miss any action. This is just another reason why this legal sports betting site is the one for Pennsylvania players. When using this app you can get a $50 mobile betting bonus too! Live Betting is the growing and trendy way to bet throughout a sporting event without having to be restricted to a single outcome. Live betting has current odds and lists all the upcoming games as well. Using unparalleled flash and java script plugins, you can stay on top of all the sports events without interruption or bad connectivity. To play this app just select the live betting button and the event you wish to wager on. Once you have made a selection just enter in the amount you want to bet and click submit wager, that’s it! So, what are you waiting for, join the sports betting site that Pennsylvanian’s know and trust,!