Is Sports Betting Legal In Pennsylvania?

Pennsylvania is a major state in the U.S. being not only one of the original 13 colonies but to this day being one of the most populous states in the union. Unsurprisingly a large majority of this population are huge sports fans. Pennsylvania's sports programs are known for having some of the most committed fans in any league and it isn't surprising that they are just as passionate about making money. For any fan of one of Pennsylvania's many professional teams that wants to make a little money while they watch their team dismantle yet another adversary, sports betting is a sure fire way to add some more action to the game.

It is as legal to bet on sports in Pennsylvania as it is in any other state. The problem is that almost no one knows that betting on sports is legal. Most people are under the misconception that placing a bet on their favorite sports teams also places them at risk of going to jail. The truth is though you couldn't be arrested for placing the bet no matter who you placed the bet with. You could place the bet with the Philadelphia mob and you still wouldn't be at risk of going to jail. The reason the mob may be one of your only choices when it comes to placing a bet though is that taking bets and acting as a bookmaker for sports betting is, in fact, illegal in the U.S. in all states except for Nevada and Delaware. This is why it isn't as popular as most would think it should be in the U.S.

Land-Based Sports Betting in Pennsylvania:

So what are the options of the prospective Pennsylvania bettor? They could try and find a local ring to bet in but that ring would be illegal. It is a very real possibility that local rings could have connections to mafia families and in general if Philadelphia's fan base is known for being rough and rowdy would you really want to find out just how mean the criminals can get? So betting in Pennsylvania is out, that leaves traveling to Nevada which is halfway across the country or Delaware which is a much more manageable drive of a few hours. There is trouble in paradise though. Delaware doesn't have traditional sportsbooks. They have a state run sports betting “lottery”. What that means is that you better love parlays because that is all you will be doing in Delaware. Not to mention they have a myriad of other changing rules and regulations that make participating in their sports lottery less than pleasant, and not to mention not very profitable.

Legal Online Sports Betting in Pennsylvania:

The sparse options presented for land based sports betting means that potential bettors need to turn somewhere that isn't based on the land. Short of forming a sportsbook on an airplane that is flying outside of U.S. airspace. Fortunately this is a much cheaper and easier method to sports betting in Pennsylvania. Betting online allows sports bettors to bet from the comfort of their own home. Not home a lot? No worries most sites have a mobile site so you can bet on the go too. It is illegal to run a sportsbook in the U.S. though! Well it is only illegal if the sportsbook is in the U.S. These sites are run by companies outside the U.S. in countries where sportsbooks are legal. This means that these online sites not only are the most convenient option, but also the most profitable and safe. Many of these sites have had to work hard to build up a solid reputation and when we say work hard we mean over 20 years of constantly checking U.S. Federal law and customer support to make sure their site was the best on the market. Take it from us, you are more likely to get ripped off by a shady link on Facebook than you are by one of these sites.

Bovada Sportsbook - The Top Legal NFL, NBA And MLB Betting Site In Pennsylvania

Bovada SportsbookTrying to find a site on your own can take hours, so go to Bovada and spend that extra time on setting up your bets. Normally you want to research everything long and hard if it is on the internet but we are about to provide you with hours and hours of research in a couple of paragraphs. Bovada has been a longtime favorite site of ours and it helps when they have been around longer than just about any other site we know. They provide one of the most in depth sportsbooks while also making it accessible to any new bettors from Pennsylvania that would be interested in getting in on the sports betting game.

Don't just take it from us though, take a look at their sportsbook and see just how many options there are for betting. First you will notice that the sports available to bet on number somewhere in the high teens. Next you will notice that clicking on these sports brings up a long list of leagues and versions of the sport for you to bet on. With Bovada the sky is the limit when it comes to what you can bet on and that is why they have so dominated the sports betting scene online. There are very few sites that will offer you the variety in sports that Bovada can offer and with the many different teams you have to follow in Pennsylvania you need the best there is.

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What's The Bottom Line? Will I Get In Trouble For Betting On Sports?

There really isn't a reason for any resident of Pennsylvania to doubt the profit and fun to be had betting on sports. It is practically made for fans as hardcore as the ones in Pennsylvania. If having yet another reason to brag at the end of the big Eagle's game isn't enough of an incentive then surely making bank off the chumps from every other state must be. The time is now if you want to get in and get comfortable before a large influx of new bettors occurs. In a couple of years the betting scene will be swamped as news is already spreading fast on the legality of online sportsbook in Pennsylvania. Now you can get in and get comfortable ahead of the crowd and be ready when they hit.