Review Of Bovada

Our review of Bovada serves to keep you in the loop with all things sports betting in Pennsylvania and online gambling. The most popular sport in Pennsylvania is football and the number of lines you will find on Bovada will prove why they are the best site for legal sports betting in Pennsylvania. It has been serving the area for over 20 years and is the site where most Pennsylvania residents go to place wagers on their favorite teams. You have the option to bet on any sport and any team from all over the world but you can guarantee the local teams such as the Philadelphia Eagles, Pittsburgh Steelers, Philadelphia 76ers, Pittsburgh Penguins, Philadelphia Union, and Philadelphia Flyers will all frequent the betting board. They also allow for a wide variety of collegiate sports betting and entertainment/political betting as well.

New players to Bovada always have similar questions about their sports betting site, so I am going to take the time to answer a few of them. This will give you a better idea as to what types of things that you need to know, including the laws that are involved and an in-depth review of the site overall. This is so you can make the best decision on which sports betting site is right for you, but I can tell you now that it will be Bovada. Feel free to peruse the other sportsbooks we review on this site, but just know Bovada is the clear favorite amongst the staff here.

Is It Legal To Bet At Bovada In Pennsylvania?

Bovada SportsbookEven with the state-licensed land-based and online betting outlets in Pennsylvania, the use off offshore betting sites like Bovada is still permitted. Because there are no laws in the Pennsylvania book of codes outlawing internet gambling, players are free to sign up at Bovada without the risk or legal consequences. Often times, you will find that Bovada will list better odds for you anyway, especially on the local teams that have seen much action at the in-state books.

Is It Safe For Pennsylvania Residents To Use Bovada?

Pennsylvania residents have been using and have come to rely and respect Bovada, which has been successfully running its sportsbook for two decades. Canada takes business serious in their country, which is why Bovada has the same degree of oversight as in the United States. Canada also requires that this site be licensed, and insured just like any other prestigious business. This site is highly regarded among its members, in fact in a survey taken among Pennsylvania sports bettors this site scored highest in succeeding overall quality and excellence. Safety for members takes precedence with Bovada; they enlist only the most skilled and highly trained security staff. This site performs security drills and practices superior IT surveillance to makes sure that your private information is safeguarded and preserved.

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Has Anyone In Pennsylvania Gotten In Trouble For Using Bovada?

Bovada has been successful in serving not only Pennsylvania and the rest of the US for 20 years. To put your mind at ease, no one has gotten into trouble for using this amazing legal sports betting site. If anyone has gotten in trouble for using Bovada, it is news to us or they were doing so while gambling underage. As long as you use your correct name and address, and are of the legal gambling age, you will not have any worries about getting in trouble.

Is My Money Secure At Bovada?

Pennsylvania residents are hardworking, blue collar Americans, and they know the value of their dollar. They want assurances that their money is in good hands, and that they don’t fall prey to distorted advertising. I get and respect that. Everyone hopes that the purchases they make are good ones, and especially if they can be considered an investment. These investments stand to pay off big with little risk. This is something you will come to find out about Bovada, they mean what they say and they say what they mean. You can go to a casino and try your luck on fixed odds, or you can be anywhere else your heart desires to be and place bets. This site is a fully regulated company that is inspected by the Canadian gambling commission to insure fair odds and honest winnings. I mean if I were you, I would go with that second option. We should consider the different options that are available for players to get payouts and make deposits. You can observe how simple it is to get started with a deposit and request for withdrawals.

In the US, there is a law that regulates how a sports betting site like Bovada can make a certain type of payout to you. This law known as the Unlawful Internet Gambling Act or UIGEA prohibits the use of credit cards as a form of payment to players. This means that Bovada cannot payout your winnings to you with a credit card. However, this does not mean that there are no other methods that players can use to make withdrawals.

What Deposit And Withdrawal Methods Does Bovada Offer?

Bovada has two methods to make a deposit on their site. First, you can use a VISA, Mastercard, or AMEX credit card to make a deposit but this comes with a 6% fee (10% on AMEX). If your card is not approved for international purchases, you may receive an additional charge from your bank, so make sure to verify this before going through with any action. Additionally, Bovada accepts Bitcoin, which comes with no charge. For cards, you can deposit anywhere from $20 to $1500 and for Bitcoin, your ranges move from $10 to $5,000.

As for withdrawal methods, UIGEA makes it impossible for Bovada to return money onto your card. Instead, they can deliver you your funds by a check in the mail. It takes about two full weeks to receive your cash but is free to receive, as long as its only withdrawal request in a 90-day period. You can remove anywhere from $100 to $3000 to your account at once. For Bitcoin, you can receive anywhere from $10 to $9500 of your money and makes it to your ewallet in about the time it takes for NBA quarter to finish.