Review Of 5Dimes

Even though sportsbooks have popped up around the state, you should still be able to discover why online betting sites reign superior simply from this review of 5Dimes. This site is way ahead of the game when it comes to legal sports betting in Pennsylvania, as they have been operating since 1996. 5Dimes gives players more special options than other sports betting sites, including reduced juice and point buying. Also, its mobile and live betting features are much easier to use than other sites and their customer service is probably the most helpful one around.

However, none of these things would matter if 5Dimes didn’t have a good sportsbook. Well, I’m here to tell you that the book at 5Dimes is excellent. Offering over 2000 daily lines, you can bet on all of the major sports, minor sports, international events, college sports, as well as politics and entertainment. The odds are always up-to-date and accurate and they allow for more than just straight wagers. We will go over all of this information and more which should explain why 5Dimes is the first choice for any sports bettor for sports betting in Pennsylvania.

Does 5Dimes Follow The Law?

There are really no laws that 5Dimes must follow in regards to laws regarding betting in the United States, as they are outside of the jurisdiction of the country. However, we’ll still provide a slight background to them. The main one Pennsylvania gamblers are likely concerned with is based around the Wire Act. This law targets unlicensed operators but also has been included to prevent the in-state sportsbooks from accepting wagers across state lines. Because 5Dimes is international, they are not held in these standards, which is why you can wager regardless of what state you are in. For information on UIGEA, look at the deposit and payouts section, which detail that federal law.

Is It Safe For Me To Use 5Dimes?

Yes, you have nothing to worry about by using 5Dimes. Safety is something 5Dimes takes very seriously. Since so many people use 5Dimes to bet on sports and other things, their security is airtight. You’ll never, ever have to worry about cyber thieves trying to steal your identity. This is because 5Dimes has a team of security technicians who have gone over the system with a fine-toothed comb and worked out any kinks. All of the site information is encoded so that it just looks like gobbledygook to most people. The 5Dimes server is totally secure and safe from penetration.

If you need more convincing as to the safety of 5Dimes, consider that the site has been around for well over two decades, and in that time, they have developed a reputation for transparency and dedication to excellence. They have a gaming certificate and have won awards all across the board. There is nothing 5Dimes takes more seriously than safety. You can always trust them to grant payouts on time. If you ever have any questions, their customer service representatives are ready to help you out in any way they can.

So I Won’t Get In Any Trouble For Using 5Dimes?

No, getting in trouble is so unlikely that it’s almost not worth talking about. If you need more convincing, though, we can go a little bit more into the legal issues. Besides PASPA, there are two other laws that you might want to be aware of. This first is 1961 law called the Wire Act, which has to do with transferring currency or wager information from one state to another. The other is a 2006 law called the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act, or the UIGEA, which has to do with how sports betting sites can accept deposits and make payouts. Both of these laws were supposed to curb the influence of racketeering and corruption. However, it is arguable whether or not these laws have worked. They were controversial laws from the get-go, especially the UIGEA, which was added to the end of the Safe Port Act.

Like PASPA, the Wire Act and the UIGEA do not have any influence over 5Dimes because it operates in Costa Rica. Anyway, you can’t get in trouble because you aren’t the law’s target. In fact, no law says you can’t use 5Dimes. You have every right to use a legal sports betting site. If you are still apprehensive, consider that no one has ever gotten in trouble for using 5Dimes. Think about it. 5Dimes has over a million members. Do you really think anyone would use 5Dimes if they thought they would get in trouble? Of course not.

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What If I have Questions Or Comments?

In our experience, it’s very rare to have any questions, complaints, or comments in regard to 5Dimes, but in case you do, they have ten different customer service numbers, including 3 sportsbook numbers, 2 horse racing numbers, general numbers, a fax number and an email address. These numbers are conveniently displayed on the right-hand side of the page. 5Dimes’ customer service folks are known for their friendliness and ability to solve problems. This is another reason why 5Dimes continues to set the industry standard for legal sports betting in Pennsylvania.

How Old Do I Have To Be And How Do I Sign Up?

Each state has its own age laws when it comes to the subject of betting. The Pennsylvania betting age is 21. If you are old enough to join, you can sign up by clicking the blue “register now” tab on the right side of the page. You will need to provide basic personal details like, like name, age, address, etc. You will need to think of a good password. The more characters the better and always include some numbers and symbols just to be on the safe side. Once your account is opened, you need to fund it. Go to the funding methods page to make a deposit.

How Do I Make Deposits and Payouts?

5Dimes makes it simple to deposit and withdraw money from your account. On the funding methods page, you will see a list of options. A good way to deposit money is to use a credit or debit card, as the money shows up in your account almost immediately. You may experience a hiccup trying to use your card because of a federal law known as UIGEA. This law basically states that banks cannot process a transaction to an offshore gambling site. Using one of the other deposit options such as a Money Order or Bitcoin can remedy this situation as well as trying again or using a prepaid international gift card.

5Dimes makes payouts simple and painless. If you want to withdraw a lot of money, you might want to use a cashier’s check. You can take out up to $7,500. The fees are pretty reasonable, between $40 and $80. Additionally, you can use Bitcoin or a bank wire payout to receive your cash. Check out their site because there are many other payout options available. All of them are further explained in detail at 5Dimes’ funding methods page.

Are There Any Cool Perks To Joining 5Dimes?

If there’s one thing 5Dimes has a lot of, its cool perks. Take bonuses, for example. Most sports betting sites in Pennsylvania have welcome bonuses, reload bonuses, etc., and 5Dimes is no different. 5Dimes separates itself from the competition, however, by offering a reduced juice bonus of 50%. This means that the interest on a bet is cut in half! So if you make a $100 bet, the juice would normally be $10. With 5Dimes reduced juice, it’s only $5. Moreover, this works on every single bet that you place. There are plenty of other bonuses, as well. You have all kinds of great options.

Another neat benefit is mobile betting, which lets you use your mobile phone to access the site. This way, you have the power of mobility. You can bet anywhere, anytime. It’s one of the most popular ways to bet in the 21st century. Once you’ve signed up with mobile betting, you should check out live in-game play, which allows you to bet on the game while it is happening. Stats are frequently updated for your convenience. With live in-game betting, you are now in control of the action!